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Ribbond Ultra Mini Starter Kit

Ribbond Ultra Mini Starter Kit

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The mini-starter kits include one 22cm length of material of your choice of sizes plus the special scissors for cutting the Ribbond.  There is an up-charge of one length.  One length is 70% the price of three pieces. 

Ribbond widths usages:

2mm:  Periodontal splints.  Bridges.  Orthodontic retainers.  Composite restorations.  Trauma stabilization.

2mm & 3mm: Periodontal splints.  Bridges.  Composite restorations.

3mm & 4mm: Bridges.  Composite  restorations.  Acrylic applications.


1mm (Ribbond-Orthodontic) : Only for post-orthodontic retainers with ½ mobility or less.


Ribbond starter kits and refills do not include the Ribbond Wetting Resin or the Ribbond Securing Composite.  Those materials are sold separately.

The Ribbond-Ultra was introduced in 2013 and is 0.12mm thick.  The Ribbond-THM was introduced in 2000 and is 0.18mm thick.  Counter intuitively, the Ultra is slightly more fracture tough that the THM.  Most dentists prefer the Ribbond-Ultra.

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