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Ribbond THM Starter Kit

Ribbond THM Starter Kit

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Ribbond widths usages:

2mm: Periodontal splints. Bridges. Orthodontic retainers. Composite restorations. Trauma stabilization.

2mm & 3mm: Periodontal splints. Bridges. Composite restorations.

3mm & 4mm: Bridges. Composite restorations. Acrylic applications.


Orthodontic (1mm):  Only for post-orthodontic fixed retainers with ½ mobility or less.  This is not used like a wire and must be bonded into contacts.


Ribbond starter kits include three 22cm lengths of Ribbond (66cm total) and the special scissors for cutting the Ribbond.  Ribbond kits include enough material to make approximately 25-30 single pontic, three-unit, lingual bonded anterior bridges, 18-20 canine-to-canine periodontal splints, or 50-80 composite restorations.   

Ribbond starter kits and refills do not include the Ribbond Wetting Resin or the Ribbond Securing Composite.  Those materials are sold separately.

The Ribbond-Ultra was introduced in 2013 and is 0.12mm thick.  The Ribbond-THM was introduced in 2000 and is 0.18mm thick.  Counter intuitively, the Ultra is slightly more fracture tough that the THM.  Most dentists prefer the Ribbond-Ultra.

Note: Ribbond is made from the same super tough ultra-high molecular weight polyethene fibers used to make bullet proof vests and normal scissors cannot cut Ribbond.  We recommend getting a starter kit with the special scissors for a first time order.


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